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Our House Rules

All children in our care are made aware of our house rules, these rules are for the benefit of all children. All children are encouraged to follow them:

Respect: We believe respect towards adults is one of the most important lessons that a child should learn

  1. We encourage all children to call us as Uncle and Aunty instead of by our names
  2. We expect all children to give us the same respect that they would give their parents
  3. We do not tolerate children who badmouth us. Parents of such children will be immediately informed of their child's behaviour


  1. All children are asked take off their shoes when indoors to keep the house and play area clean
  2. Using of foul language, swearing, calling each other names, fighting or deliberately hurting anyone is not allowed and children are made aware of this
  3. Children are encouraged to say thank you, please and sorry
  4. All food and drink must be eaten or drunk on tables to ensure cleanliness and avoid accidents
  5. Children's are made to wash their hands after the toilet, playing outside and before eating
  6. We always tidy away the toys after we have finished playing with them
  7. All children are made aware to be nice and kind to each other
  8. All toys, furniture and any other equipment must be taken care of
  9. Children are guided away from doing things which:
    1. are dangerous or hurtful or offensive to someone else
    2. are dangerous to themselves
    3. are un welcomed or unacceptable to other people
    4. can cause damage to other people's property
  10. No one is allowed to smoke, drink alcohol or bring pets within the children play area or where the children are

Behaviour: we encourage appropriate behaviour by:

  1. Setting a good example, we aim to be a positive role model as children copy what they see. Children learn values and behaviour from adults
  2. We readily praise, approve and reward wanted behaviour, such as sharing, to encourage it to be repeated. Using praise helps to show that we value the child and it helps to build their self-esteem
  3. We praise children to their parents and other people when they have behaved as expected
  4. We try to be consistent when saying "no" and explain reasons why it is not appropriate and considered unwanted behaviour
  5. Our expectations are flexible and realistic and are adjusted to the age, level of understanding, maturity and stage of development of the child
  6. We try to involve children in setting and agreeing house rules

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