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# 9 - Posted by: Fakhirah Posted on: 21-May-2021
I have started my daughter's care with Learning Fountain, so far she has been 4 weeks here, and i have to say i am really happy with the service, my daughter is happy, she has many children to play with, I feel she is safe and cared for. and i feel really comfortable as they have a warm homely atmosphere. I hope to stay for a long time! thank you
# 8 - Posted by: Aruola Posted on: 20-Mar-2019
Website is great
# 7 - Posted by: Mostefaoui Manal Posted on: 13-Sep-2013
I really like the way how did you reply about my request it was quickly ,useful and with all the information I need . Thank you very much for your help and I hope that I will be one of your customers
# 5 - Posted by: Nazma Khatun Posted on: 28-Jul-2011
Website is very clear and with all correct information for parents to understand how the service works. Only thing I would say is to add pictures of premisses with kids doing daily activities so parents get an idea of how are whilst in care (happy/interacting/sad etc)


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