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Registration Process

Our registration process is quite simple and straight forward.

  1. Registration:
    1. We cannot start care of your child before you have filled our registration form and returned it fully completed and signed.
    2. You can obtain the form from our website or request it by email.
    3. Fully completed and signed registration form must be returned back before start date.
      If you cannot return the registration form before the start date then you must hand it on the day the care is to start.
  2. Settling-In
    1. We offer the first week as a settling-in period. The hours in the first week are very flexible.
    2. In the first week you may choose as many or as less hours you wish your child to be in our care.
    3. In the first week we will only charge you for the hours the child is in our care plus any charges for used services; like pick-up or drop-off etc.
    4. The first week is very important. This gives you the opportunity to see if you child is comfortable with us and you are happy with the service we are providing.
    5. The first week also allows you to determine the best route and time for your journey from us to your work/home or vis-versa.
    6. Also it is a great help in allowing you to determine the exact care hours with us, which we will contract with you.
  3. Weekly Care
    1. On completion of the first week, the contract will take effort.
    2. You will be emailed our Ofsted Details and a copy of the signed contract (on request).
  4. Paying for the Care
    1. Fees are paid weekly.
    2. We take no advance or deposit.
    3. All payments are in arrears.
    4. Our care week runs from Monday to Sunday. On completion of one week's care, invoice for the ended week will be emailed on Sunday evening.
    5. Full payment of fee has to be paid the next day i.e.; Monday.
    6. Standing Order is recommended, however payments can also be given by bank transfer or cash.
  5. Help towards Cost
    1. We will send you a scanned copy of the registration form (you filled on request) by email after the first week, along with our details, which you can use;
      1. To apply to HMRC for child care tax credit.
      2. To apply for Free childcare
      3. To apply for child care vouchers which are Tax Free.
      4. To choose the option of salary sacrifice which is also Tax Free.
      5. Or a combination of two or all of the above, to assist in the child care cost.
  6. Cancelling the Care
    1. You can cancel the care at any time without notice during the first week.
    2. If you choose to continue to the next week and then wish to cancel the care. You need to give us a 4-weeks notice even if its the very first day of the second week.
  7. Additional Information
    1. We strongly advise you to carefully read our terms and conditions.
    2. We also advise you to read house rules and policies.
    3. Please go through our website, we are confident that the information you seek is all here.

If there is anything in the above that you do not understand and need further clarification or do not agree and object too, then do contact us via the link below.

Contact us today! or register your child with us.

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