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Lost Child policy

Procedure if a child is lost or goes missing

  1. We will safely supervise children when we go on outings or trips, and undertake a risk assessment.
  2. We will teach the children about safety when we are out and about and tell them what to do if they do become lost according to their age and stage of development;
    e.g. stay where they are, meet up at a certain place, use their mobile phone to summon help.
  3. If a child goes missing, we will tell the police, provide a description and search the area.
  4. If a child goes missing in a public place e.g. a library, park, shop or shopping centre we will also alert the staff and security staff.
  5. We will contact the parents and Ofsted.
  6. Other children in my care will be kept with me and reassured.

If there is anything in this policy that you are unclear about or unhappy with, please email us or contact us

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