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Confidentiality policy

  1. We expect parents to keep private and confidential any sensitive information they may accidentally learn about my family, setting or the other children and families attending, unless it is a child protection issue.
  2. Ofsted may require seeing our records at any time.
  3. Parents have the right to inspect all records about their child at any time.
  4. We record all accidents in an accident book. I will notify PACEY of all accidents which may result in an insurance claim, e.g. an accident involving a doctor or hospital visit.
  5. PACEY will log and acknowledge receipt of the correspondence and forward the information to the company providing our public liability policy to enable a claim number to be allocated.
  6. We will inform Ofsted, the local child protection agency and the Health and Safety Executive of any significant injuries, accidents or deaths as soon as possible.
  7. If we are using the Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years (PACEY) public liability insurance, the total life of the policy is 21 years and 4 months to enable the child to make a claim against the policy at a later date.
  8. We record all significant incidents in an incident book and we will share these with parents so that together we can work to resolve any issues.
  9. We keep records relating to individual children on our computer and we will ask for the parent’s permission. We will store the information securely, for example, in password-protected files, to prevent viewing of the information by others with access to the computer. Backup files will be stored on a Backup Drive which we will lock away when not being used.
  10. If we record information on a personal computer, or take digital photographs or videos as part of our observations, we have taken the necessary action to register with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).

If there is anything in this policy that you are unclear about or unhappy with, please email us or contact us

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