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Complaints policy

As registered childminders we aim to work in close partnership with all parents to meet the needs of their children. Maintaining good communication between both parties will aid this. We expect that parents will immediately bring to our attention any aspect of our service they are not happy with so that every effort can be made to resolve the matter. Parents can make a complaint to us verbally, or in writing.

It is a condition of our registration to investigate all written complaints relating to the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage and we will notify the complainant of the outcome within 28 days of the receipt of the complaint.

We display Ofsted’s poster for parents which introduces Ofsted's childcare responsibilities and gives Ofsted contact details.

Procedure (how we will put the statement into practice)

  1. We will investigate all complaints and notify the complainant of the outcomes of the investigation within 28 days.
  2. We will keep a written record of all complaints and their outcome for at least three years. Confidentiality will be maintained but, as required, we will provide Ofsted, on request, with a written record of all complaints within a specified period and the action taken as a result of each complaint.
  3. We will record the following information:

    1. The name of the person making the complaint.
    2. The Early Years Foundation Stage requirement(s) to which the complaint relates.
    3. The nature of the complaint.
    4. The date and time of the complaint.
    5. Any action taken in response to the complaint.
    6. The outcome of the complaint investigation (for example, ways the service has improved).
    7. Details of the information and findings that were given to the person making the complaint, including any action taken.
  4. If the complaint cannot be resolved or if the complaint is of a serious nature and you feel you cannot discuss it with us please contact Ofsted on 03001 231231.
  5. Ofsted produces guidance on concerns and complaints about childminders and childcare providers. This is available on the Ofsted website and provides guidance on the complainant's right to contact Ofsted.

If there is anything in this policy that you are unclear about or unhappy with, please email us or contact us

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