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Behaviour policy

As registered childminders we recognise the need to set out reasonable and appropriate limits to manage the behaviour of children in our care.

By providing a happy, safe environment, the children in our care will be encouraged to develop social skills to help them be accepted and welcome in society as they grow up.

Procedure (how we and any one we employ, put the statement into practice)

  1. We keep up to date with behaviour management issues and relevant legislation by taking regular training and by reading relevant publications, such as, The Childcare Professional, Nursery World and Ofsted.
  2. All parents have access to our Behaviour Policy.
  3. We will not administer physical punishment, cause pain, discomfort, humiliate or hurt any child in our care.
  4. We endorse positive discipline as an effective way of setting boundaries for children.
  5. We agree methods to manage children’s behaviour with parents before the placement starts. These are discussed with parents during initial visits before the contract is signed.
  6. Wherever possible we try to meet parents’ requests for the care of their children according to their values and practices. Records of these requirements are agreed and kept attached to the child record forms. These records are revisited and updated during regular reviews with parents.
  7. We expect parents to inform us of any changes in the child’s home circumstances, care arrangements or any other change which may affect the child’s behaviour such as a new baby, parents’ separation, divorce, new partner or any bereavement. All information shared will be kept confidential unless there appears to be a child protection issue.
  8. We work together with parents to make sure there is consistency in the way the children are cared for. A consistent approach benefits the child’s welfare and helps ensure that the child is not confused. We offer regular review meetings with parents to discuss their child’s care and any issues or concerns, preferably when the child is not present.
  9. We will only physically intervene, and possibly restrain, a child to prevent an accident, such as a child running into the road, or to prevent an injury or damage. We will record when this occurs and inform parents on the same day, or as soon as reasonably practicable.
  10. We record all significant behaviour incidents in the child behaviour record. We will discuss these with the parents of the child concerned so that together we can work to resolve any behavioural issues.
  11. We acknowledge the strength and range of children’s feelings and try to help children to find constructive solutions for managing these.
  12. We encourage responsibility by talking to children about choices and their possible consequences.
  13. We aim to be firm and consistent so that children know and feel secure within the boundaries I set.
  14. We will respond positively to children who constantly seek attention or are disruptive.
  15. We will help children maintain their self-esteem by showing we disapprove of challenging behaviour, not the child themselves.
  16. If we have concerns about a child’s behaviour which we cannot resolve in partnership with parents, we will ask for permission from the parents to talk it through with another childcare professional. We may contact PACEY, the NSPCC, health visitor or the local early years team (or other relevant advice service) for confidential advice.

  17. If there is anything in this policy that you are unclear about or unhappy with, please email us or contact us

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