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How to Pay

We do not take payment in advance nor do we take a deposit, all payments are in arrears. But payment is to be made weekly. All invoices are emailed every Sunday night and must be paid the next day i.e.; Monday without exception.
Fees cannot be carried over. There is a penalty for late payment. A daily stipulated contractual interest rate surcharge of 1% is added to the total outstanding balance from the payment due date. Also care will be refused if fees are not paid and notice of termination of contract may be given.

Standing Order

We will provide you with a Standing Order Form which you complete and return by post or by hand to your own bank. Once the form is received by your bank they will setup a standing order for the amount you have been prescribed which will be taken out from your account every Monday of every week and transferred into our account.
We strongly recommend this method as it removes the factor of late payment and likelihood of any penalties incurring.

Payment by mobile number via Paym

Make instant payment through your mobile phone.
You will first need to contact your bank and link your mobile phone to your bank account. Once done then you will be able to pay directly into our account using just your mobile number – no sort code or account number is needed.
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Information taken from the help sections of SANTANDER BANK website  X 

What is Paym?

Paym (Pronounced "Pay Em") is a simple, secure way of paying using a mobile number.

Paym allows you to make secure payments to account holders of other participating banks or building societies a mobile number. It keeps account details safe by using a mobile phone number as a substitute.

PAYM website

How do I send a payment using just a mobile number via Paym?

Currently payments can only be sent using the personal Mobile app.

However, you can register to receive payments using Paym. Friends, family and customers will then be able to pay directly into your registered account using just your mobile number – no sort codes or account numbers are needed.

To register to receive, log on to Online Banking, Select ‘Mobile payments’ for the Account Services page and follow the on screen instructions.

What fraud protection does Paym have?

Security is the top priority for Paym and robust protocols are in place to ensure that the new service is secure.

Paym have set the highest standards around password activation and mobile number verification and we are required to sign up to a security code of conduct for the service.

Paym is using the tried and tested Faster Payments and LINK payment infrastructures and will use the same strict security levels applied to current accounts today. Also, before any money is transferred you are asked to confirm the details of who you are paying to help avoid simple entry errors.

Paym benefits from the same strong legal protection that already applies to other types of payments – customers aren't liable as long as they haven’t acted grossly negligently or fraudulently.

Bank Transfer online

If you have access to your bank account by internet, you can conveniently and safely transfer payment from your account to our account. Payment through this method is instant and notification of transfer appears in our account almost immediately.
If you don't have access your account online, you will need to contact you bank who will provide you with your own secure details to login into your account.

Childcare Vouchers

We accept payments through Childcare vouchers.
You need to be registered with the scheme providers and also inform us so that we also become registered with the same scheme provided we are not already registered.


You also have the option to pay by cash.
If you paying by cash then exact amount should be made as we do not hold change. If you have paid extra we will carry it over to the next week.


You cannot pay by cheque whether personal or business.
Cheques are on the way out and most likely date for cheques to be phased out in the UK is 2018.

Paying over the Counter

You cannot make payment from your own bank branch or our bank over the counter into our account.
We apologise that SANTANDER Bank does not allow cheque/cash payment into our account over the counter.

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