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Change Care Timings

To all our existing customers, if your hours/days at work have increased or it is regularly taking you longer to get back than you anticipated, then without delay contract your new care timings with us.

It is quite possible that when your initially contracted your child care timings with us, your work routine/schedule may have changed since then. Your childs care cost is calculated on the total number of contracted hours within a week and the hourly rate being on a sliding scale varying between £10.00 per hour and £4.00 per hour is based on these total weekly hours.

So if your child is in our care longer than contracted, you are charged double for each additional hour on a higher hourly rate.

For Example;
Let say your child is in our care for 30 hours per week. The hourly rate being £7.54, care cost is £227.00 per week. If your child starts using an extra 1 hour care every day for the week (extra to the contracted hours), which amounts to 5 extra hours, this would add £75.40 (@ double rate) to the weekly cost. After round up your total bill for the week would be £303.00. However if you had these additional hours contracted, the hourly rate would become £7.12 and after round up your total bill would be £250.00 per week, saving you £53.00. Over the year this would save you £2756.00.

As illustrated in the table below;
Weekly Care Hours Hourly Rate Care Cost Extra Hours Extra Cost Total Care Cost Saving
30 £7.54 £227.00 5 £75.40 £303.00
35 £7.12 £250.00 £250.00 £53.00
Over the year you saved £2756.00

How to Proceed

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